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College MECHANICS QueBank Volume 1

College MECHANICS QueBank Volume 1

Yazar : Caner ŞENGÜL
Fiyat : Etiket Fiyatı: 200 TL
Baskı : 1
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College Mechanics QueBank has been designed to be different, enthusiastic,

interesting and helpful to you. Therefore, it is not just a test bank about

mechanics but also it is like a compass in order to find your way in mechanics


Each chapter in this book is put in an order to follow a hierarchy of the

mechanics topics; from vectors to simple harmonic motion.


Throughout the book there are many multiple choice and long answer

questions for you to solve. They have been created for YGS, LYS, SAT, IB or

other standardized exams in the world because mechanics has no boundaries

and so Physics has no country.


Learn the main principle of each chapter and explore the daily life applications.

Then you can start to solve the questions by planning a problem solving

method carefully.


Finally, enjoy solving the questions and discover the meachanics of

the universe once more.

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